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SayIntentions.AI Reveals January 15th Release Date

Sayintentions.AI is releasing a brand new “Next Gen” ATC program, it is completely AI-generated and utilizes many different techniques to create an authentic flying experience. This program is not just a text-to-speech generator, you can speak directly to the AI and it will reply with the correct responses and procedures. Currently, the program only covers the USA but the developer is looking to branch out into other continents. SayIntentions’ lead developer recently provided an update on the add-on’s progress, as well as announcing a January 15th release date.

SayIntentions.AI (Formerly Smartsky) is primarily a one-man development team looking to revitalize the MSFS ATC experience. Microsoft Flight Simulator has been praised for its stunning visuals and realistic flight dynamics, but one area that has often left users wanting more is air traffic control.

Brian the lead developer took to Reddit to say: “We bring you custom voices at various airports, and some controllers even come with their own unique personalities!” Meaning every new controller will feel real and personal.

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He also went on to talk about the various procedures included with this package which are as follows:

  • Class-B, C, and D airspaces
  • Flight followings
  • Radar services
  • Traffic advisories
  • Closed-traffic pattern work
  • ATIS
  • VFR transition routes
  • Flight plans

If you would like to find out more about this addon, Click here for an Exclusive interview with the lead developer.

Sayintentions is still in early development so bugs are expected but Brian has ensured in its current state it is “highly immersive and stress-free”. There will also be a free trial with this product but in terms of pricing, there is no set number yet but we are expecting a price between $15-$25. The full Reddit announcement is available here.

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