Shared Flight Details Supported Aircraft in Beta

Expected to fully replace SmartCopilot later this year, Delta_Who of Shared Flight has today yet again taken to their official Discord server to share further details about the utility. Based on the post, Shared Flight is very close to reaching the initial beta run.

The developers, however, still need to resolve one issue before the beta testing is open. In the meantime, Delta_Who has shared an image of aircraft addons supported in the initial beta version of Shared Flight. We can see on the list the complete ToLiss, LevelUP, and Felis product ranges among other popular addons.

Delta_Who mentioned, that the list is not final and the number of supported addons will definitely expand in the future.

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The team has also in the past presented some of the essential requirements for the application to work correctly. Flight simmers should use the latest available navigation data from NavDataPro or Navigraph. There will also be a special version of Better Pushback that will be required for Shared Flight.

Once released publicly, flight simmers will have to pay a subscription to make use of Shared Flight. If you want to learn more about the application, you can read our previous article from Liam on the topic here.

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