ShortFinal Design Updates Munich for X-Plane to v1.1

Praised scenery development studio ShortFinal design has recently pushed out an update to their Munich airport (EDDM) scenery for X-Plane 11, which includes various fixes, airport layout updates, and more. The update was announced by MisterX6 via the Forums.

The most notable part of the update is the addition of SAM seasons support, meaning users can choose between five different seasons to fly in. Additionally, the update comes with various layout changes and improvements, as well as updated buildings and objects to match the current real world Munich airport. There is also many many more changes which you can see at the end of the article.

The update can be downloaded for existing users by simply re-downloading it from the store you bought it from. If you do not already own the scenery you can purchase it from the Store for approximately €22 here.

Munich airport is located in Germany and serves as a hub for major European airline Lufthansa, as well as their smaller subsidiary Lufthansa CityLine. The airport offers domestic and international services reaching as far as south east Asia and the USA from various different airlines. The airport is large and well equipped for large aircraft like the Airbus A380.


  • Added construction site at T1 and updated taxiway layout
  • Added custom centerline lights for blue/orange taxi lines
  • Added custom inset blue edge lights
  • Added SAM Seasons compability, added fall and mild winter versions
  • Added some missing buildings around the airport
  • Improved runway textures
  • Improved taxiway lines
  • Improved vegetation textures
  • Updated GroundTraffic plugin for X-Plane 11.50 (Metal/Vulkan)
  • Updated layout of apron 5 and 13 (East of T2)
  • Updated mesh: more resolution, drainage ditches, fixed lighting issues
  • Updated jetway textures with new o2 advertisements
  • Updated several airport vehicles with new PBR models

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