ShortFinalDesign SLC Updated

ShortFinalDesign, also known as MisterX, is a developer who make both freeware and payware scenery of high quality. Now, his Salt Lake City International Airport has been updated to new version.

This update is focused especially on some of the modern features, which are frequently included in the newest sceneries. Also, there is a sale right now, and you can get 30% off from their products. The update includes compatibility of SAM Seasons plugin, (works with TerraMaxx) and the ground has PBR textures now. Also not just ground textures got PBR effects. Of course there are some more features available, like a rain and snow effects on the ground. You can see the whole changelog down below.


  • Added light spill to taxiway signs
  • Added rain and snow effects on the ground
  • Added SAM support with full custom jetways and DGS
  • Added winter version (works with SAM seasons and TerraMAXX)
  • Information boards now dynamically display time, pressure, temperature
  • Replaced most vehicles with new PBR models
  • Reworked all ground textures with PBR materials
  • Reworked and down-scaled normal maps (better visuals, less VRAM usage)

You can get this scenery here, and update is for all current customers for free. For further information, Stay tuned on FSNews.

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