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SiamFlight Releases Freeware Mae Sariang Airport for MSFS

SiamFlight, a developer that primarily releases airports/airfields based in Thailand, have recently released their rendition of Mae Sariang Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The release of the freeware scenery was announced on the MSFS Forums. The developer is particularly well-known for their wonderful Suvarnabhumi Airport rendition for the platform.

About Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang Airport is a regional airport located in Mae Sariang, a town and district located on a narrow valley along the Yuam River in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. The airport has a small 732 metre asphalt runway and is at an elevation of 750 feet. The airport is the last airport in Thailand to house the classic ATC tower of Thailand’s Department of Airports. Interestingly, it is also the airstrip where the movie “Air America” starring Mel Gibson was filmed.

Key Features

SiamFlight’s Mae Sariang Airport features a well-textured runway and apron for the highest level of detail and immersion. Furthermore the oldest, classic ATC tower of Thailand’s Department of Airports has also been fully modeled and included in the scenery. Inferring from the screenshots shared by the developer, the airport rendition also features modeled fences, static aircraft, and ground vehicles in and around the apron. Due to its location and very short runway, the airport is not for the faint of heart and can make for some fun flights to and from the airport, especially on approach.

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Closing notes

SiamFlight’s latest release for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available to download on simMarket and Flightsim.to. As the rendition is a freeware product, it is available to you at no cost. However, the scenery is also available on the in-sim Marketplace, but due to limitations the product is not free and is instead available for USD4.99. For more flight sim-related news, releases, updates, and more, do visit FSNews for the latest happenings.

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