6.10.2020 – 17:12z

Sim-wings Pro Hamburg Released for P3D4/5

Sim-wings have released a highly detailed Hamburg Airport (EDDH) for P3D versions 4 & 5. Using detailed, colour corrected, aerial photographs and seasonal textures this addon offers a realistic rendition of Hamburg Airport and surrounding areas.

Animation is used throughout the airport with jetways, windsocks and vehicle traffic all brought to life adding to the realism of this busy airport.

Buildings and roads are highly defined, many of which are located in areas where you would expect to find them according to recent data and maps. For example the Lufthansa Maintenance area is recreated with both lowered and half covered highways all using realistic 3D ground textures.

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Other buildings in and around the airport, including auxiliary buildings, show both the interior and exterior in high detail. All autogen buildings, trees and grass fit seamlessly into Orbx German North as well as the default scenery provided by the sim.

Airport stands and ground lines, including a “Interim Terminal” are all rendered according to recent data. All stations have functional safegates and coordinate tables so no extra addons are necessary.

Dynamic lighting is used to full effect but the added factor is that runway lighting can be configured and brightness altered. Lights come on automatically depending on weather conditions and time of day.

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This is a highly detailed addition to any Hamburg scenery and is easy to install into the sim. All correlating functions can be applied using the Prepar3D SDK tools.

Sim-wings Pro Hamburg is available from Aerosoft priced at €29.19. It is worth noting that if you already own German Airports – Hamburg professional (P3D V4), bought from the Aerosoft store, then you will receive a 20% discount on purchasing Sim-wings Pro Hamburg from the same store. This discount will be only available until November 30, 2020.


  • Highly detailed scenery of Hamburg Airport and the immediate vicinity
  • Realistic 3D ground with elevated Lufthansa maintenance, lowered highway and half covered highway
  • Aerial photos for the airport and the surrounding area, elaborately color-corrected for a true color display
  • Spring / Summer, Fall, Winter and Hard Winter textures
  • Detailed ground lines and stands according to current maps
  • New “Interims Terminal” and new stands according to ground maps of the airport operator
  • Autogen houses and vegetation at the aerial photo area, connecting to the default simulator landscape or Orbx Germany North
  • Compatible with Orbx Germany North
  • Extremely detailed Hamburg airport buildings with interiors and all auxiliary buildings
  • Lufthansa maintenance area
  • Animated jetways (STRG-J), SODE jetways as an optional free download
  • Functional safegates with coordinate tables at every station, no need to use another add-on
  • Working windsocks
  • Pre-calculated shadows on buildings (ambient occlusion)
  • Animated vehicle traffic at and around the airport
  • Many static apron vehicles, configurable in the config tool
  • Detailed AFCAD, current navigation data and approaches
  • Configuration tool
  • Easy installation: no change of default files of the simulator; SODE is not required for use, all corresponding functions are implemented with Prepar3D SDK tools
  • Optimized dynamic lights (can be switched on or off in certain areas using the configuration tool)
  • Automatically switching runway lights based on weather or time conditions
  • Brightness of runway lights can be configured with the congiguration tool
  • Realistic runway, taxiway and approach lighting, flashes with dynamic lighting effects
  • PBR materials, e.g. on buildings, jetways, rain effects etc.

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