SimArc Previews Islamabad Airport

SimArc is now working on their rendition of the Islamabad airport. These previews have been shared on their Facebook page and contain some information about the development as well.

In the Facebook post, the developer shared some features of this airport, as well as the release date, which is expected to be on 20th March 2020. The scenery will have features like PBR effects, PBR textures, accurate AFCAD data, SODE jetways, and more. You can see a full feature list in the article down below.


• PBR rain effects 
• PBR textures for Ground polygon 
• Accurate AFCAD making SODE jetways dock to AI possible
• Animated vehicles on the apron 
• Taxiway and Runway lights turn on during low vis and Rain(Via native SDK
• Security Checkpoints 
• SODE Animated Windsock reacting to wind speed and Direction

You can see more on SimArc Facebook page here.