SimBrief Has Undergone A Complete Makeover

SimBrief has undergone a complete makeover today. The freeware flight planning tool has received a complete redesign of the dispatch interface. The most significant improvement is that the new page now adjusts to any screen size, which makes it much easier to use the service on your mobile phones or tablets.

The new website, used to generate up to 80,000 flight plans daily by the community, has a fresh and more look to it. SimBrief’s goal is to accurately reproduce the briefing packages that real-world pilots use, as well as provide detailed fuel, time, and performance calculations based on real-world weather data, according to the press release the team issued earlier today.

To be slightly more specific, the new SimBrief website features dark mode and a larger text options. The map is also now larger and more convenient. The team also included airframes for popular third-party addons, improved various fields, and made sorting through saved flights and airframes significantly easier.

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Needless to say, the update also includes a vast array of quality-of-life improvements, including the option to avoid certain airports when calculating ETOPS, the option to add comments to your plans, or a completely rewritten user guide, for example.

In order to access the new interface, you simply have to login to the Dispatcher through the official website of SimBrief. A Navigraph account is required, and you do not have to have an active subscription to access SimBrief.

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