30.4.2020 – 11:21z

SimCoders updated REP to v4.4.5 (XP11)

SimCoders, a developer behind a well-known HeadShake utility for X-Plane 11, has today released a new update for their Reality Expansion Pack. The new version mainly consists of fixes and some new features added.

For example, there has been added aileron trim support to the SF260 together with fixed alternate engine air knob. Also, few sounds were fixed and some optimizations for X-Plane 11.50 has been added. As usual, the complete changelog can be found below.


  • SF260 Fix: the BAF version alternate engine air knob did not work properly
  • SF260 Fix: the fuel injectors state was not saved properly
  • SF260 BAF Version: added the aileron trim support
  • Added keyboard commands to control the EGT gauge reference needle
  • Bonanza F33A XP10 and XP11 Fix: in XP11 the trim up speed was excessive
  • PC-12 Fix: typo in final checklist
  • Kodiak Fix: the “Toggle Static Elements” menu option did not toggle the elevator locks properly
  • The in-flight tips window now resize correctly in VR
  • Optimizations for XP11.50
  • Some sounds (very few) were played using the wrong equalizers resulting in too high or too low volume in relation to their position in the cockpit

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