SimWorks Studios Releases Vans RV-14 for MSFS

This past Monday SimWorks Studios released the Vans RV-14/RV 14A to the community of Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts.

The Vans RV-14 is regarded in the real world as a high-quality, high-performance sport aerobatic and advanced flight training aircraft. The RV-14 comes from a line of other similar aircraft that are designed for aircraft homebuilders.

The model was originally scheduled to be released in March but was delayed a month so the development team could fine-tune the taildragger ground handling. The RV-14 follows the release of the Quest Kodiak. Other models offered by Simworks Studios are the Zenith CH701 and the Okavango Delta.

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A quote from the SimWorks Studio website. “The flight model was created after flying in the real aircraft and put through scrutiny by RV-14 pilots, ensuring that the performance and feel are as close as Microsoft Flight Simulator allows“.

Simworks Studios announced the RV-14 in October 2021. Glass avionics and several liveries are included in the download together with realistic lighting, animated air conditioning vents and even the canopy.

You can purchase the aircraft through the SimWorks Studios’ website for a decent price of €14.99 by clicking here.

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