Skyline Simulations Previews KCVG’s Concourse A for MSFS

Skyline Simulations have taken to social media to preview their work-in-progress of Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport’s Concourse A for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The terminal for this airport is expected to be completed within the following week, but for now the developers have chosen to preview not only Concourse A but the next-generation jet bridges too. All the textures used were taken from an actual on-site survey of the real airport.

The whole airport is due for release in May, though they stress they cannot commit do that date. They aim to do their best.

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Concourse A of Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport is one of two concourses off the main terminal. Both these concourses are islands and have to be accessed through an underground moving walkway. Concourse A has twenty-two gates.

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