8.1.2021 – 20:14z

Skyline Simulations Release Samos Airport for X-Plane 11

British developer, Skyline Simulations, have released a scenery addon of Samos International Airport (LGSM) for X-Plane 11, through their own website.

The addon features custom textures in ultra high definition, and accurate mesh detail of the island of Samos, in addition to PBR materials for all buildings. Island appropriate vegetation and trees are rendered in 3D, and blend in with orthophotos.

Around the airport, 3D static objects are added, including ground traffic, and on a wider scale objects such as wind turbines, ports, buildings, and houses, as would be expected on the island, are featured in high definition too. Detailed night textures are also included.

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Samos International Airport, is also known as Aristarchus Airport, named after the ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer. Summer landings can be a challenge due to wind patterns, a close proximity to mountains, and the fact that the runway finishes where the sea begins.

Samos Airport is available direct from Skyline Simulations, priced at EUR 17.80

Main Features

  • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting techniques
  • Custom accurate Mesh of the island
  • Super Detailed 3D modeling
  • Super Detailed 3D modeling
  • PBR Materials on every building
  • XPE co-subsystem
  • XPL City with custom 3D houses around the island
  • Detailed UHD Ground with PBR and decals
  • Custom 3D Grass 3D Trees and vegetation blends with orthophotos
  • Ultra-High-resolution custom ortho imagery for the airport
  • Thousands of 3D custom static objects
  • Accurate Island and Cities using original OSM data
  • High-resolution Buildings, animated wind turbines, ports, and more
  • Amazing and detailed island Night Textures
  • Full Ground Traffic

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