SkyMaxx Pro v5 Announced

Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation has recently announced SkyMaxx Pro v5 for X-Plane 11 via the X-Pilot forums. The post shares information about the new version as well as some picture previews, and even a release date.

The new version is set to include a plethora of new features including GPU ray-casted clouds, fast performing clouds, complex and realistic lighting effects, and more. The post states that the new volumetric clouds split load upon gpu and cpu evenly, meaning clouds are well optimised and have less of a performance hit and thus better framerate. Additionally, the plugin will be compatible with both Vulkan and Open GL, sadly the plugin will not function for Metal users.

With SkyMaxx pro v5 additionally comes a new updated version of real weather connector, the update will be free of charge to existing real weather connector users. SkyMaxx pro v5 in question will cost approximately €16.49 to existing SkyMaxx pro v4 users. If you do not own SkyMaxx pro v4 then v5 will cost you approximately €33.03. SkyMaxx pro v5 will be released on Friday, January 22nd at 12:00PM ET or around 5:00PM GMT on the X-Aviation store.

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