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SLH Sim Designs Releases Maurice Bishop Airport for MSFS

SLH Sim Designs a few days ago announced via their Facebook the release of Maurice Bishop International Airport, serving Saint George in Grenada. This is their tenth release for the simulator, following releases of other airports in the Caribbean.

Saint George Maurice Bishop Airport (TGPY), formerly Point Salines Airport, is Grenada’s main international airport. It replaced the old Pearls Airport on the north side of the island.

This airport has an interesting history, with Ronald Reagan citing this airport claiming that the airport was intended to be used by the Soviet military by the local government.

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In October 1983, this airport was chosen as the jump-off point for the US military during the Invasion of Grenada, during which the prime minister of Grenada, Maurice Bishop, was killed.

Currently, the airport has a single 2 700 metres long runway, a terminal and offers a wide variety of flights to a few American and a few European destinations.

SLH Sim Design’s Rendition of Maurice Bishop Airport

The team created a detailed scenery with modern features up to the current flight simulator standard. The airport terminal offers a modelled 3D interior for some depth and better immersion by all the virtual pilots. 4K PBR textures are also a must in this flight simulator era, and the SLH Sim Design team also delivered on that.

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Furthermore, we can find dynamic lighting, custom taxiway signs and even static sea traffic and realistic ground textures in this rendition.

Feature List

  • 3D Custom Modelling
  • 4k PBR Textures
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Corrected Terrain Elevations
  • Modelled Terminal Interior
  • Custom Taxiway Signs
  • Realistic Ground Texturing and Grunge
  • Added Static Sea Traffic

If you would like to get this scenery, you can purchase it via the SLH Sim Designs website for approximately €13.90.

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