SmartCopilot Major Update (v3)

Sky4Crew, the developer of SmartCopilot, announced a new major update coming soon to their only product, SmartCopilot. SmartCopilot is the only shared cockpit plugin on the X-Plane 11 market, at least yet, because FlyJSim is already working on an alternative (Shared Flight), which promises much better performance than SmartCopilot.

Update Informations

In case of the UI, until now, there were about 3 windows which you needed to operate to set up the shared cockpit, but now, there will be just one window, which will make it much easier to use the plugin.

Another big part of the update is the new config file system, until now, both pilots needed to have the same config file to make sure everything works properly, but now, the system will take in account only the Master’s config. Very good job Sky4Crew!

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A smaller one, but still an interesting one is, that you will now be able to turn on the weather synchronization.

This is what the member of the developer team, rhard, wrote:

Joining the flight session should be as simple as a Skype call

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If you want to check out the announcement made by Sky4Crew, or download the update, click here.

Feature List

  • New single-window UI – many users don’t want to jump between different windows to set up the plugin.
  • Fixed VR compatibility issues.
  • Hotkey to hide/show UI.
  • Switchable TRANSPONDER section in the configuration files – transponder could be enabled/disabled from UI (very handy for IVAO/VATSIM shared flights)
  • Switchable WEATHER section – weather synchronization could be enabled/disabled from UI.
  • Only Master’s config file is taken into account – no need to share the files between users before the flight.
  • INCLUDE section – a new way to define synchronization for the external plugins like BetterPushback etc. (planned)
  • Improved aircraft position synchronization preventing micro jitter on Slave.
  • Observer mode for a third pilot (planned).
  • Demo mode changed to 30 min of unlimited flight to test all plugin features.
  • Many other improvements and fixes.

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