SSG Announces Major Update for 747 for X-Plane 11

Supercritical Simulations Group has yesterday taken to their social network profiles to announce the new major update for their rendition of the Boeing 747-8 for X-Plane 11.

Based on the post made by the developer, the biggest change that will be featured in the update is the completely rewritten plugin that handles the FMS, navigation display, and autopilot. This will not only improve the systems in general but will as well increase the performance of the aircraft.

And although that is the biggest change, it is not the only one. Other than that, the new update will bring, for example, the addition of the Ram Air Turbine (RAT), improved cockpit callouts as well as fuel usage logic, or improved EFB in the cockpit.

Furthermore, the terrain display will receive some improvements as well as the FMC LEGS page which will have increased number of legs to be put in to avoid ROUTE FULL message. Not to forget, the external model will receive numerous improvements adding details and fixing some issues. The complete changelog can be found below.

The update will be free of charge for existing owners of the aircraft. The exact release date was not mentioned, however, we were reassured, that it will not be very long. It was said on that note: “Let’s just say that it won’t be very long, measured in weeks rather than months.“.

It was as well said, that some items from the changelog can be removed or new can be added as the development progresses and so we should not consider the changelog final.

Changelog (v2.3)


  • Addition of the Ram Air Turbine (RAT)
  • Improved cockpit callout sounds
  • Implementation of true “cold and dark” setup with everything off
  • Improved fuel loading/usage logic
  • Slats retracting with reverse thrust
  • More accurate speedbrake/spoiler action and animation
  • Separate controls and settings for wipers
  • Added EICAS messages for configuration warnings
  • Additional button animations to reflect operation of real ones
  • Improved tablet
  • Flap 1setting logic fixed


  • Improved terrain display
  • Increased number of FMC legs pages to avoid ROUTE FULL message


  • Overall improvement in external model with added details (some animated) and some fixes
  • Blocking of some windows on the Intercontinental
  • Fixed some windows that had artifacts in cabin looking out
  • Fix of landing gear coming into cabin when gear is retracted
  • Improved lighting in Freighter and Intercontinental
  • Reflections inside cockpit windows
  • Shows a full 3D cargo load at maximum load weights
  • Fixes to “marching ants” visible in some areas
  • Fix to Freighter SCD interior texture
  • Added crew rest area with opening door (Inter)
  • Added cockpit lavatory with opening door (Inter)
  • Pilot figures
  • Particle effect improvements

Author: George

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