SSG Boeing 747-8 updated

On January 22nd, Supercritical Simulations Group released a new update for their Boeing 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition. In this update, there are new cockpit textures and liveries. Also, issues with gear and FMC has been fixed.
You can update this airplane via Skunkcraft updater or you can redownload this airplane from your account on the store.

Version 2.1.1  Changelog:

  • Now with updater by Skunkcraft
  • Fixed various 3D cockpit issues.
  • Added yoke and throttle hand actuators.
  • Fixed gear taxing issue.
  • Fixed FMC DEP/ARR entering.
  • Cockpit textures  and liveries enhancement.

If you want to buy this addon, you can to so via the store ($65.00).

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