SSG Previews and Details Upcoming Major Update for the 747 (XP11)

Supercritical Simulations Group, also known by an abbreviation of SSG, has in recent days taken multiple times to their Facebook page to share previews and information in regards to the up-and-coming major update for their already available Boeing 747 rendition for X-Plane 11.

Titled as v2.3, once released, the update will generally bring many improvements to the aircraft model, including overall fuselage improvements, enhanced wing flex for the best accuracy, or added functional RAM turbine.

Additionally, animations throughout the aircraft were improved together with some textures and switches. In regards to the systems, the new update will bring a custom brake system, improvements to the fuel system logic, improved FMC for the best experience, or a realistic air conditioning system and logic.

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Not to forget, with this update, the aircraft addon will officially become a Boeing licensed product for domestic simulation use. And last but not least, the developer promises the update will bring major performance improvements.

It remains unknown when will the update be released. It has been though confirmed by Supercritical Simulations Group that it will be free of charge for all existing owners of the aircraft. Once released, owners of the aircraft will be able to download the update through the SkunkCrafts Updater.


External Model

  • FPS improvements, especially in Vulkan/Metal but also works well in OpenGL.
  • the complete external model was revised and many new UV fixes were made.
  • Fixed an error where the magenta track was offcenter when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
  • Complete a new set of PBR textures.
  • New customdesigned external lighting.
  • Added Freighter main deck lights.
  • Added working Ram Air Turbine (RAT) and logic/systems.
  • Added electrical system dependency to certain cargo door operations.
  • Added details to the landing gear.
  • Improved particle system, including added fuel jettisoning and potable water draining.


  • Improved internal lights.
  • Fixed CDU and general instrument brightness.
  • Added crew lavatory to Intercontinental.
  • Added crew rest to Intercontinental.
  • Some texturing fixes were made.
  • Added more button sounds and animations.


  • Added RAT to the hydraulic system.
  • Added the second GPU for better system behavior.
  • Updated the automatic connection between electrical sources and bus ties.
  • Updated fuel, hydraulic, electrical, and other synoptic pages.
  • Improved the EICAS advisory message behavior and reset button function.
  • Added/revised fuel advisory messages.
  • Added emergency lights message.
  • Fixed engine #3 starting/shutdown logic.
  • Fixed and revised the external lights system and its power sources.
  • Updated behavior of the leading edge flaps and spoilers/speed brakes during all flight phases.
  • Added pitch limit indicators to the PFD.
  • Added fuel and electrical dependencies to APU starting.
  • Updated the wiper system to include independent control and added the cycle time for intermittent settings.
  • Updated some system sounds and added some new sounds for the improvements in this version.
  • Updated caution warning sound.
  • Fixed some manipulators such as vertical speed dial and autopilot disengage.
  • Fixed flaps up command for VREF + 100.


  • Increased the route legs list to 25 pages.
  • Fixed an error where the magenta track was offcenter when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
  • Improved Navigation Display (ND).
  • Improved VNAV and LNAV logic.
  • Fixed throttles when advanced, now if TOGA is pressed, the throttles advance from their present position.
  • Fixed a bug that when STAR was changed, LNAV control was negatively affected.
  • Fixed an error where the magenta track was offcenter when the ND range was set at less than 2.5 miles.
  • Fixed error when autopilot changed from FLCH to V/S mode and vice versa.
  • New ND terrain display with automatic terrain detection.
  • Improved holds to be more accurately flown.
  • Fixed airways entering, which was not recognized in some situations.
  • Improved the FD bars to be more accurate during takeoff and before autopilot mode connection.
  • Improved steps as displayed on ND in MAP mode.
  • Added green range arc during the climb.
  • Fixed Index page with LK6 opening an incorrect page.
  • Fixed some STARs that did not appear in the last DEP/ARR pages.
  • Fixed the autopilot not following some SIDs properly.
  • Improved stability with strong crosswinds.


  • Fixed some click areas.
  • Improved fuel load sequence to match real loading behavior.
  • New details were added over the entire external airframe.
  • Added “Cold and Dark” start options.
  • Updated manuals
  • SSG 7478 V2 Quick Start Guide.pdf
  • SSG 7478 V2 FCOM.pdf

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