18.5.2020 – 08:19z

SSG Releases 747 V2.1.2 Hotfix (XP11)

SSG, also known as Supercritical Simulations Group, has recently released a hotfix for their 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition addon for X-Plane 11. The update mainly features a fix for the sound plugin in the aircraft, but also compatibility with X-Plane 11.50b9+ while still with X-Plane 11.41.

Primarily the update is focused on the DreamEngine sound plugin so that sounds are now working properly.

The very same update has been also released for the SSG E-Jets series, also for X-Plane 11. Both updates can be downloaded via the SkunkCrafts updater.

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If you want to purchase the 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition, you can do so via the X-Plane.org Store for $48.75 $65, and if you want to purchase the E-Jets, you can do so for $33.75 $64.95

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