SSG Releases a Major Update for their E-Jets (XP11)

Supercritical Simulation Group, also known by the abbreviation SSG, have released a major update for their renditions of Embraer E175 and E195 sold either in a package or individually for X-Plane 11.

While drastically improving the aircraft performance, especially while using Vulkan or Metal, the update as well brings a better flight model to both aircraft featuring a completely new feel to the dynamics of the model.

Not to forget, the autopilot, FMS, and systems, in general, were improved in the aircraft to better recreate the real counterparts. A new terrain map was added to the ND, and MCP manipulators were improved as well. The complete changelog of what version 1.6 brings can be seen below in the article.

Both aircraft can be now purchased in a 46% discount for a limited period of time through the Store for $34.95 instead of the $94.95 as usual.

In order to properly update the aircraft, you will need redownload the new files from the Store. It was strongly not recommended by the developer to use the SkunkCrafts Updater.

Changelog (v1.6)

  • Newer SASL3 plugin now implemented¬†
  • Improved FPS with Metal/Vulkan enabled
  • Improved MCP manipulators
  • Improved VR configuration
  • New terrain map for the ND
  • Removed incompatible features like loading FMS Plan and pushback truck object.
  • Fixed engine TO flex temperature
  • Fixed crash issue with ND range selection

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