3.1.2021 – 11:39z

SSG Updates 747-8 for X-Plane 11 to V2.2.1

X-Plane 11 developer Supercritical Simulations Group has recently released a long awaited update to their 747-8 which includes a new 3D cabin, as well as a few other small changes. The update was announced on SSG’s Facebook page.

The most notable part of the update is the brand new 3D cabin, which features seats, galleys, and the famous staircase. The update also features an error fix, a tuned flight model to behave better in crosswinds, and the removal of the Librain plugin support.

The update can be downloaded for existing customers by using the SkunkCrafts updater or by re-downloading the aircraft from the X-Plane.org Store. The aircraft can be purchased on the X-Plane.org Store for approximately €45.24 here, at the time of this article the aircraft is on sale.

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  • Fixed error where displays turned off when pressing shift + 7 view.
  • Tuned flight model to behave better in strong crosswind on takeoff and landing.
  • New and improved cockpit button/switch/knob animations and sounds.
  • New cabin for Intercontinental
  • Removed the Librain plugin as it no longer works with our package

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