24.3.2021 – 21:00z

Stairport Sceneries Releases an Update for ShadeX

The team behind ShadeX for X-Plane 11 has taken to social media to announce a release of an update to the recently released visual and effect tuning plugin.

Developed by Stairport Sceneries and published by Aerosoft, ShadeX allows the user to change or tune the simulator’s visual aspects in terms of color and effects. It has been updated to include new features such as the ability to use hotkeys to toggle presets and the addition of creating and autoloading aircraft presets.

The update also includes adapted manuals and the overlay folder has been moved. Users in China will be pleased to know that their activation through Steam has been fixed, and any install errors would be shown through an extended update application.

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To update this add-on, the entire ShadeX package will need to be downloaded from the Aerosoft website. It can also be purchased from Aerosoft, priced at EUR 12.07.


  • New feature: Toggle presets via hotkeys
  • New feature: Create and auto load aircraft presets
  • Moved overlay folder to Output/preferences/shadeX/overlays
  • Adapted manuals
  • Fixed steam activation in China
  • Extended update application to show install errors

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