Stairport Sceneries Teases GroundService Release Next Week

In a post on their Facebook page, Stairport Sceneries have teased something exciting to happen next week, accompanied by a set of previews showcasing their upcoming GroundService plugin for X-Plane 11.

We believe that the team is referring to the GroundService release as to something exciting to happen next week. Back in February, the addon’s release was expected to be in late March/early April. This only supports the statement from today accompanied by the previews.

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what is GroundService?

GroundService is going to be a new ground handling plugin for X-Plane 11. It is foreseen to primarily compete against JarDesign’s Ground Handling Deluxe which has been, for a long time, the only option when it comes to ground handling addons for X-Plane 11.

It is going to feature a vast array of innovations. You can read more about those in our exclusive interview with Marten from Stairport Sceneries.

Previews and release timeframe

We put all four previews showcasing GroundService for X-Plane 11 below. You can clearly see the catering truck, baggage loader, passenger bus, and the staircase truck in action.

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Although the chances are high, we can’t be certain the “exciting” thing to happen will be the release. Nonetheless, you can read our exclusive interview with Marten from Stairport Sceneries by clicking here.

We discussed with Marten various aspects of what will the addon offer. From compatibility of various addons, development complications the team came across, to various features, expected release timeframe, or probably the most-requested feature – animated passengers.

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