19.7.2020 – 09:58z

SunSkyJet development update

SunSkyJet Scenery is name you don’t hear very often, but they’re the creators of the freeware Philadelphia Intl. (KPHL) for FSX and P3D. It is one of the highest quality freeware airport for ESP platforms. After Philadelphia, the developer started working on Detroit-Wayne Intl. (KDTW). It has been many months since there was news about the project, but today that silence was broken.

The main developer, Ian, first apologizes for the lack of communication. The current pandemic has influenced his personal life greatly and attention was needed there the most, which we of course understand. In the last few weeks, however, Ian has been able to work on the project again and has also released an update for the beta fixing and improving things in pretty much every aspect of the addon. Ground layout, taxi signs, PAPI lights, jetways, terminal buildings have all been updated to reflect the real-life airport. The airport will be released for FSX and Prepar3D v5. An update on that will come soon.

As long as the addon is in beta, it is donationware. That means that you can donate any amount you want and you will get the installer. You can do that here.

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  • Custom PAPI lights
  • Custom animated + illuminated windsocks
  • Updated dynamic lighting (brighter)
  • Lots of geometry fixes
  • Seasonal switching done by lua scripting – no need for configurator
  • Better seasonal textures
  • Misc texture updates
  • Mostly up to date ground layout + taxi signage
  • Paved over grass areas with south aprons/hard standsAFCAD tweaks
  • Added 22R offset approach
  • Demolished old north terminal – rubble remains. Will replace in future update with whatever DTW puts there.
  • Added missing jetways

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