SXAirportDesign Previews BNA for P3D V4 and V5

Today, SXAirportDesign previewed their BNA Airport for P3D V4 & V5. It includes several features, the main of which is very high quality mesh. We do not know pricing information or when the product will be released.

The high quality mesh the developers added to BNA Airport really improves the looks and realism. The developers of SXAirportDesign actually had to individually stitch the airport into the terrain. The developers stated that they still have to add more dynamic lighting and other improvements.

SXAirportDesign Previews BNA for P3D V4 and V5 - Prepar3D, SxAirportDesign

SXAirportDesign asks if anyone who has pictures of the new terminal can send them in, so feel free to help!

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To learn more about BNA Airport by SXAirportDesign for Prepar3D, view their most recent Facebook post here.

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