TaiModels Paris CDG for XP11 Released

TaiModels, an X-Plane 11 developer responsible for a recently released Abu Dhabi International airport, has released their rendition of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (LFPG) for X-Plane 11.

The scenery is now available to be bought through the X-Plane.org store for approximately €24.41.

Paris Charles de Gaulle is an international airport located east of Paris and it is the busiest and largest airport in Paris and France. It serves as the main hub for AirFrance and has to offer a wide variety of destinations across the world.

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TaiModels created a detailed rendition of this airport using highly detailed models, SAM jetways, good performance and a big surrounding area, therefore, the scenery is approximately 8 Gigabytes big after installation. It is also well-optimised and offers textures with PBR materials.


  • Completed inside terminal 3
  • High detail models
  • SAM amination jetways
  • High quality pbr texture on object and ground
  • High performance
  • Massive Completed autogen around airport (8GB of data)

If you are interested in learning more about TaiModels’ work, you can check out our other article here.

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