TDM Scenery Design’s Barinas reported, removed (MSFS)

TDM Scenery Design published a freeware scenery project earlier today, covering Barinas airport (SVBI) in Venezuela. This is the team’s first project for the simulator. The file was published on MEGA, a file-sharing website and was available for download for a good 12 hours.

A reader informed us that the file is no longer available. This is correct, as the Facebook post about the scenery release has now been completely changed. In both English and Spanish, Trino Rojas, the owner of TDM, explains what happened.

The file has been reported to MEGA, and they deleted the file. It is no longer available for download. Rojas explains that he knows the person who reported it, MEGA reported that to him via an email.

The post continues explaining Rojas’ former position at LatinWings, another scenery developer. Rojas was ‘the executor’, while the other person, presumably the one who reported it, was the one who created the product. This addon for MSFS has nothing to do with the previous work.

I want to make it clear that while there is much similarity between both works, the MSFS version was modeled, built and painted 100% again and with techniques and so that it has nothing to do with the work that was done in latinwings

TDM Scenery Design’s Facebook Page

The post does, however, continue saying that some things were used from previous work

and that is evident if you review both models, it shares some materials and objects that were used in the previous version and in many more works that I have done, but because I am the owner.

TDM Scenery Design’s Facebook Page

The post is overall fairly confusing and doesn’t explain that much. Rojas finishes by letting us know he will give more information later, if that is necessary. He is also going to republish the file.

The information posted here is only based on TDM’s post. LatinWings has not publicized any info about this.

Author: Dag

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