19.11.2021 – 19:02z

Terrainy Studios Further Details RV-8 for MSFS

In two posts on their Facebook page, Terrainy Studios have further detailed their upcoming rendition of Van’s RV-8 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The addon was previously previewed all the way back in May earlier this year. If you want, you can read our article from back then by clicking here.

The developers have focused on various things in the previews. One set was focused solely on the main instrument panel during various lighting conditions while the other set was more focused on the exterior model and small details of the aircraft.

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The second set of previews also suggest that we can expect interactive elements throughout the aircraft. The developers have, for example, showcased open cargo compartment doors as well as a fuel tank cap and pitot covers.

Terrainy Studios have also further also promised to deliver visible fuel levels in the tanks for better immersion during the preflight checks.

The release and pricing details of the aircraft remain unknown. Terrainy Studios have however confirmed, that the aircraft is now nearing the final stages of beta testing.

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The RV-8 is an aerobatic, and agile aircraft, built by Van’s Aircraft. For its size, the cockpit is roomy and could easily accommodate two people seated in tandem. It has a top speed of 220mph.

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