Terrainy Studios Releases Ikaria Airport for MSFS

After first teasing a new project two days ago, Terrainy Studios have today released a new scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. While it was mentioned in the original Facebook post, that the airport that the developers were teasing is in Greece, it was not specified any closer.

Covering the Ikaria National Airport (LGIK), a small airport located on the island of Ikaria in the North Aegean Sea, the scenery features accurate runway slope, up to 8K textures using PBR, custom mesh, or custom animations, for example.

In addition to what was previously mentioned, custom landmarks around the island are present in the scenery as well. This includes ports of Agios Kyrikos, Evdilos and Agios Kyrikas Marina, for example.

Furthermore, not to forget, custom hand-placed vegetation and the main road network are present in the scenery together with custom 3D lighting also. The airport surroundings were made in cooperation with locals to achieve as realistic environment as possible.

The scenery can be purchased through the Orbx services for approximately €10.52.

Ikaria National Airport (LGIK), a small airport located on the island of Ikaria in the North Aegean Sea, does not see much passenger traffic rather than just a few flights to Athens, Lemnos and Thesaloniki. The airport sees annually about 40 thousand passengers.

Feature list

  • Highly detailed 3D model of the airport and its surroundings
  • Accurate runway slope
  • Highly detailed terminal and tower interior
  • Up to 8K textures exclusively using PBR
  • Performance optimized
  • Many custom animations
  • Custom mesh
  • Countless custom buildings and landmarks around the island
  • Custom made and hand-placed villages of Fanari and Agios Kyrikos
  • Custom made ports of Agios Kyrikos, Evdilos and Agios Kyrikas marina
  • Accurate approach landmarks
  • Realistic 3D night lighting
  • Custom made/placed airport surroundings in cooperation with locals
  • Custom placed main road network
  • Custom placed vegetation
  • VFR Landmarks scattered around the island
  • Fully working ground and ATC services

Author: George

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