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The Skypark Acquired by TFDi Design

TFDi Design have recently taken to their website to announce the acquisition of The Skypark which was originally developed by Parallel 42.

What is The Skypark?

The Skypark includes characters, contract jobs, tours, and adventures for pilots to use their custom aircraft and scenery collections. It is a PC app that simulates the so-called SkyOS on your virtual Skypad. Parallel 42 described SkyOS as a platform for the future. The product features pre-installed apps, such as Contrax. Contrax is an app where you can browse available activities like Cargo Runs, New Experiences, Tours, Ferry Flights, and more.

The Skypark preview

In addition, there is a banking app called Holdings which provides an overview of your fictional financial situation. There’s also a Progress app where you can check your bank balance, XP, and Karma. Moreover, there’s an electronic flight bag app called yoFlight where you can track and plan your flights, as well as manage contract checklist items such as loading and unloading cargo. Lastly, there’s a management app called “Conduit” where you can view current and past contract details.

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For more information about the original version of The Skypark, you can have a look at this review back from 2021.

What recently happened?

Invernyx, the company behind TFDi Design, has acquired The Skypark, which is still in early access and was the first product ever launched by Parallel 42 to Microsoft Flight Simulator. TFDi Design has collaborated with Parallel 42 to ensure a positive and long-lasting future for The Skypark. They plan to add their own improvements to the software and expand its features even further.

The Skypark Acquired by TFDi Design - Parallel 42, Microsoft Flight Simulator, TFDi Design

Edson Soriano, the CEO and founder of Parallel 42, shared that there isn’t a better feeling than knowing that his baby, or in this case, his product, is in good hands. He believes that The Skypark can now move forward at the pace it deserves and announced that Parallel 42 will continue to be a part of the vision team behind the scenes.

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You can get a copy of the current The Skypark application for 33.95€ at the Parallel 42 website, but we currently don’t know if TFDi Design’s version will be a separate purchase or just a free update. FSNews will keep you updated when more information about The Skypark will be revealed.

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