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Pre-Orders Opened for MD-11 by TFDi Design

TFDi Design announced they were opening pre-orders to the general public for their highly anticipated MD-11 add-on for MSFS.

The MD-11 hasn’t been shown much love in the flight simulation world since the PMDG version for FSX was released more than a decade ago! Microsoft Flight Simulator does have an MD-11 as developed by SkySimulations. However, that product has received criticism following its release for being a port over and a simple cash-grab. Presently, there is no MD-11 modeled for MSFS that meets the standards of the community.

TFDi Designs aims to bring its product to the market at a study level and high-quality standard, as shown by its excellent Boeing 717 releases for P3D and FSX. The MD-11-shaped market gap is one that doesn’t go unnoticed, with many wanting a satisfying rendition of this aviation icon to fly from their home simulators.

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The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 was a ’90s modernization of the incredibly popular and groundbreaking American Tri-jet released in the ’70s: the Douglas DC-10. The MD-11 was a last-ditch effort by the struggling aircraft manufacturer to appeal to the ever-changing aviation market. Unfortunately, McDonnell Douglas’ failure to adapt led to its ultimate collapse and total acquisition by Boeing.

Although the aircraft went underappreciated at its release, the MD-11 has seen a major resurgence as a freighter. Its primary operators are FedEx, UPS, and KLM cargo carriers shipping freight all around the world. Although the Tri-jet design was already dated at the time, it gave the aircraft that extra performance boost needed to make it an excellent choice for cargo operations.

The release by TFDi Designs will be available as a passenger or cargo version (sold separately) and include fully modeled avionics and flight computers. This aircraft will be an excellent option for those looking for both long-range passenger and cargo operations.

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The pricing scheme for this product is as follows: the base pack is available for $70, allowing you to choose the cargo or passenger versions. Following this, you can purchase the expansion pack for a further $10, granting you the other version (if you purchased the cargo version as the base package, you will be able to purchase the passenger version for only $10 – and vice-versa). Lastly, the extended simulation package is available for a further $5, enabling failure simulations with a custom failure menu.

During the pre-order period, all the packages are available for a combined total of $80 here. The TFDi Design MD-11 is slated for release before the end of 2023, and those who pre-order will receive the product a week early! Make sure to stay tuned for more detailed information as it becomes available.

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