TFDi Design release PACX v1.0

TFDi Design is mostly known for it’s Boeing 717 but has made several other kinds of products too. One of those projects, PACX, was released in early access a long time ago. Today, v1 of the product was released for P3D and X-Plane,

PACX is a program that increases the immersion of flying airliners in a way that has not been done very often before. The program adds announcements from the cabin crew and passenger interactions. The cabin crew will give cabin announcements. However, not everything always goes that smoothly. Medical emergencies or issues with passengers are simulated as well. It also includes a career mode, where your flights will be tracked and reputation and passenger expectations will influence their satisfaction onboard your flights.

If you’re interested in buying these products, you can do so from the TFDi store for $29.99. Existing owners get a free upgrade.

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