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TFDi Design Shares New Development Update on MD-11 for MSFS

TFDi Design has posted a short development update on its Discord, providing information on what’s coming to the MD-11 in 2024.

The team has been hard at work since the MD-11’s initial release to collector’s edition owners in November 2023, implementing many improvements and bug fixes that these collector’s edition owners and TFDi’s own QA team have helped report and test. The developers claim they’ve made enough progress that the current version of the MD-11 is “almost unrecognizable” from the initial November release version.

Some before and after pictures that were shared in the post.

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Currently, the team is working with current and ex-MD11 pilots and engineers on an overhaul to the autopilot system to make its behavior closer to the real aircraft’s. The team is also working on many Quality-of-life updates to fix issues such as the PFD and ND being reflected onto the windshield at night and adding third-party addon integrations like SimBrief to the MCDU.

Regarding a full release, the post mentioned that TFDi will not be giving a release date for the aircraft and that they have no plans to release it in an unfinished state. This means that once released, the MD-11 will most likely only be receiving minor updates and tweaks, as well as compatibility updates if they are needed.

You can view the original post in TFDi’s Discord server here and read in on other TFDi updates for the much anticipated MD-11 here.

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