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TFDi Design Updates on MD-11 and PACX

Well known addon developer TFDi Design has recently taken to their forums to give a 2022 development update, namely featuring new information on their MD-11 for MSFS and P3D as well as an new information on their popular PACX plugin and more.


The development update starts by detailing their progress on the MD-11 which will be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as P3D and possibly older sims like FSX. TFDi stated their team has been hard at work in the background and have made significant progress they are proud to show.

TFDi have also included that their art team is well underway constructing the addon, and airframe variations have begun on their cargo and Pratt & Whitney variation of the addon. Finally, TFDi details that system progression is well underway, with cockpit displays and systems as well as autopilot systems making great progress.

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Although TFDi are heavily optimistic in their progression, they have not stated a release date for the project.

PACX Plugin

TFDi have detailed that they are also paying attention to their PACX plugin, with a recently update on the 28th of April including many new features like the new “start flight” experience which offers a better look at cabin and seating layout.

The update also features more in flight customization options, such as better control of the custom card announcement and more.

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Another big addition included in the update is the new in-flight entertainment system, offering a live map view of the flight, view news from FSElite, and listen to either of JetStream Radio’s music channels. A full changelog of the update can be viewed here.

TFDi finally mentions that a new voice pack update is in the works which will include more voice announcements in different languages and accents.


TFDi stated that they are not confident in giving release dates to ensure quality of their products. The post also includes information about JetStream Radio and smartCARS 3.

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The full post is available to be read here.

Credit to Olafie#2111 from our Discord for the reminder.

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