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The Juice Goose Tackles Off-Road and On in the MSFS World

The countdown is only days away for releasing the Juice Goose off-road utility task vehicle (UTV). This novelty vehicle opens up a whole new world to explore and compete in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Juice Goose purchase also includes some scenery-enhanced areas for you to explore.

  • The Goose Bowl (42GB) is a UTV playground with appropriate dunes, beaches, jumps and ramps. This is the environment where the Goose thrives and performs.
  • Expore! – This feature built into the product allows you to explore twelve of the world’s top UTV spots with modifications by Parallel 42. You access this from your Juice Goose dashboard.

Once you land your airplane in MSFS, you can pull the Juice Goose out from the hangar and explore night or day. Parallel 42 has done it again, with custom scenery to go with this unique vehicle. The vehicle has many features, including three motor variants and optional accessories for flexibility in your driving style.

  • The Crawler, with a 141-horsepower motor for a precise ride as you navigate rocky trails at slower speeds.
  • The Touring, with a 242-horsepower motor to offer a balance between performance and comfort.
  • The Speedster, with 500 horsepower at your fingertips for the thrill seekers on the ground. Take this one to the dunes and beaches and go all out. This one can drift and take on the dunes with ease.

This vehicle is an all-electric off-road utility vehicle designed for fun in mind. Microsoft Flight Simulator has the whole world modeled in satellite images and photogrammetry. Plenty of areas aren’t so nice to look at, but plenty more that we didn’t see from the air. The whole world is in front of us now and we are up close and personal. Start examining cities, drive to the airport, compete with your friends in MSFS multiplayer, take it out after a long day, and not worry about checklists and checking the weather before you go. All three vehicles have twelve colourful liveries each. There are also twelve custom lighting options for the whips and underglow, which all show up in multiplayer.

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The Juice Goose is optimized for Xbox controllers. Many flight simmers are familiar with an Xbox controller for the drone camera in the sim, so this is a natural land-vehicle driving hardware interface. Of course, you can use your yoke and throttle for the full experience. There are more features to list with this remarkable product:

  • An inflatable “Otto” Copilot.
  • The ability to remove doors, roof, and windscreen.
  • Customizable license plate with your tail number.
  • Cruise control and industry-standard drive control mapping, Forza Horizon style.
  • Automatic vehicle reset when flipped.
  • Custom dashboard instrument cluster.

The list goes on and on full of features that you can discover as you get more familiar with the Juice Goose. One feature that stands out is the large capacitor that allows for a “Juice Boost” if you need a little more power. And then there is the obligatory cup holder, complete with a gyroscopic mechanism to keep it from spilling. Then, take the weather to something murky and impossible to drive in on the ground. Turn on the 5000k projector HID headlights or the 3000k yellow fog lights and continue the adventure, with potential bumps and bruises along the way. Go on, it can take it.

At the end of the day, put the parking brake on regardless of the terrain and drink in the beauty of the endless lighting configurations for that romantic night or an evening cruise. Microsoft uses the catchy phrase, “The Sky is Calling,” and I think Parallel 42 should coin the phrase, “The World is Calling”. It would be appropriate with a product that could bring so much joy and help de-stress your day with a lot of fun without leaving the ground except for the unexpected mogul in your way.  

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