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The Shadow Display Team to Host Exciting Summer 2023 Airshow

You won’t want to miss the Shadows’ exhibition of precision flying in MSFS and DCS during their Summer 2023 Airshow. The Shadow Display Team is hosting this spectacular event to showcase their precision flying skills in both formation and solo airshow-style formats. The show starts Saturday, July 22nd, 2023 on the live twitch stream of the Shadow Display Team.

The Shadow Display Team, led by SteveSolo are a diverse bunch of sim flyers with a love for formation flying with the fastest and the slowest airplanes they can find. When you witness an airshow by the team, you realize the precision and control that is needed to keep them in formation through all the maneuvers.

Each airplane is a real person at their flight controls in their home cockpit. They have full voice communications with each other using their Discord server so they know when each change is about to happen. Their lead plane, in the number one position out front, decides where they go through the rehearsed airshow procedure. The rest follow just off the wing of the leader.

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None of this team come from the military and all their skills were learned in MSFS through trial and error. They help train other simulator pilots in their spare time on a weekly basis so anyone can join in and learn this exciting skill. The patience and teaching skills of SteveSolo with the help of his team make for an exciting and rewarding learning experience. Part of their show includes a demonstration in DCS, a popular combat flight simulator platform. They only use this platform for specific airplanes or for the stable multiplayer platform so they stay in formation in an airshow without disappearing now and then, as they used to do in earlier MSFS days.

The airshow starts with an MSFS group flight, where anyone who has MSFS can join in and fly along. This isn’t a lesson, nor are you expected to fly in formation. But you get to fly in the same sky as the Shadow Display Team. After that, the Shadows take to the sky in DCS for their precision air show. As an added touch, the Shadows are inviting their fans and viewers to DCS to fly the FA18C if you dare. That is the plane you see in the poster. Or, if you prefer to relax, you can opt to just sit back and be entertained by the friendliest group of sim flyers to take to the skies.

Each of the aircraft used in the airshow is known for its speed and agility in the air at the hands of a skilled aviator. This display of precision and realism is sure to amaze the audience and show us what can be done in a home flight simulator in a multiplayer setting. The solo aircraft lineup includes the Italian jet trainer, the MB 339, the famous F14 and F15 military powerhouses, the Extra 330 aerobatic plane, and the deadly F-104 in a show of strength and power. The formation teams also include Warbirds and the modern F/A-18C fighter jet.

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This event promises to be everything we have come to expect from our local airport airshow on a Saturday afternoon. The show will include “Stunning displays of formation flying coupled with solo acts that will leave you breathless,” stated SteveSolo, the lead pilot. He goes on to say, “Popular military and civilian aircraft are doing things we didn’t think they could. They will push them to the limit and come back again.” This is an event you won’t want to miss.

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