The Workshop #12 – New Website, Tooling Redesign, A32NX Improvements

Welcome to the twelfth installment of The Workshop – a series dedicated to the latest news and updates regarding FlyByWire’s work on the A32NX and the upcoming A380. Our previous episodes can be read here. The Workshop is written directly by the FlyByWire team within the FSNews and FlyByWire partnership.

Features of the Week

This week, some features have been merged into the latest development version of the aircraft.

  • Dust and reflections on display glass
  • Various MCDU fixes
  • Performance and stability improvements, especially over longer flights
  • Complete rework of sound modeling with packs logic

Work in Progress

Here are some features we are currently working on:

  • Complete from-scratch rework of autopilot systems (routing, autoflight)
  • Realistic systems simulations
    • Current work focusing on a from-scratch electrical system and custom hydraulics
  • Cockpit textures rework
  • Additional EFB features
    • Settings page, allowing tuning of various aircraft parameters
    • Top-of-descent calculator
    • Takeoff and landing performance calculator
    • Ground services page
  • Avionics rewrite (PFD, ECAM, MCDU and FCU) – for performance improvements and easier code maintenance
  • Various fixes to SimBrief integration

Build Infrastructure and Tooling Redesign

Behind the A32NX and A380X is a complex and ever-growing system of tools and systems that create an MSFS add-on package from the source code of the plane. With the entirety of the base A320neo code being replaced as we go forward, the team is starting from a clean slate with more modern technologies that make adding new features and avoiding bugs easier.

As one of the main developers leading MSFS aircraft development, we wish to support a strong and growing open-source movement within the flight simulation community – that’s why we are working on universal tools that help aircraft developers produce planes in a more conventional way and use modern technologies for their aircraft code.

These tools will start development very shortly and we are excited to share more information about them as they become ready to be integrated in our own projects. We hope they will help both new and existing developers with MSFS development.

New website

We have worked very hard over the past few months to redesign our website to have a more polished design and simpler navigation. Check it out here:

Special Note

During the day of February 13th we have passed over 500,000 confirmed downloads on the A32NX addon! This is an amazing achievement that the team is incredibly proud of, and we would all love to personally thank every member of this amazing community or the unprecedented amount of support. Everyone has worked very hard, including our development team, media team, Discord team, QA team and contributors to show the world what a free open-source project can achieve.
We look forward to bringing you more best-in-class precision and realism for the A320 and A380 over the upcoming years.

Our next episode of the Workshop is due to be published on February 19th, 2021

Author: FlyByWire

FlyByWire Simulations is a group of community developers currently upgrading the default A320neo to study-level with full system integration. They are also working on an A380 from scratch which aims to be a high-fidelity rendition of the aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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