The Workshop #9 – A32NX Performance Update, Upcoming Features

The Workshop

Welcome to the ninth installment of The Workshop – a series dedicated to the latest news and updates regarding FlyByWire’s work on the A32NX and upcoming A380. Our previous episodes can be read here. The Workshop is written directly by the FlyByWire team within the FSNews and FlyByWire partnership.

This week was a calm week, however, that doesn’t mean nothing has been done! The article will be though a little shorter than usual.

Performance Improvement

One of our developers has improved avionics and systems update scheduling which results in reduced stuttering and in some cases, increased FPS. Keep in mind that the effects of this change will not be significant if you are limited by your GPU.

This change is available right now in the development and custom fly-by-wire versions of A32NX, and will be included in the v0.5.3 release.

features of the week

This week, some features have been merged in our latest development version of the aircraft. Here’s a few:

  • ECAM message tweaks
  • Fix for rare avionics crashes
  • Minor texture fixes
  • Cleanup of FMGC code

Work In Progress

Here are some features we are working on currently:

  • Complete from-scratch rework of autopilot systems (routing, autoflight)
  • Realistic systems simulations (starting with the APU)
  • Cockpit textures rework
  • Performance optimizations

Our next episode of The Workshop is scheduled to be published on January 29th, 2021.

Author: FlyByWire

FlyByWire Simulations is a group of community developers currently upgrading the default A320neo to study-level with full system integration. They are also working on an A380 from scratch which aims to be a high-fidelity rendition of the aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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