Thrustmaster Launches TCA products

Thrustmaster, a well-known manufacutrer of joysticks, steering wheels and controllers, has announced their TCA project (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) for flight simulators like Prepar3D, MSFS and X-Plane 11.

This is a brand new range of joysticks and throttle quadrant for flight simulators by Thrustmaster. This joystick range is made in partnership with Airbus aircraft manufacturer.

This is the first flagship product launched in the Thrustmaster Civil Aviation range, and it is a remarkebly well-rounded PC joystick. It is designed for flawless integration in civil aviation games like Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. This is a regonomic replica of airbus sidestick, which can be seen in almost all of the Airbus aircraft like A320, A330, A320 NEO, etc.

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The joystick will have modular head, so you can set it on your own, depending if you are left-handed or right-handed.

However, the joystick is not one and only thing that will come in this series. The developer also announced throttle quadrant, which will be an accurate replica of Airbus A320 throttles. Later on, we can expect throttle quadrant add-on, which will provide us with additional levers of flaps and speedbrakes.

We can also expect a Thrustmaster flying clamp add-on, which is a holder for the quadrant, so you can have it on a level of your hands, like in real aircraft.

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Thrustmaster Launches TCA products - Hardware, Prepar3D, Thrustmaster, X-Plane

The pricing of these controllers are the following:

  • TCA sidestick Airbus edition: €69.99
  • TCA Quadrant Airbus edition: €99.99
  • TCA Quadrant add-on: To be comfirmed
  • TCA Officer pack Airbus edition: €159.99

The pre-orders are available by today. However, the quadrant add-on pre-order will be announced later this year.

Regarding the availability, the Sidestick will be available on June 25, TCA quadrant will be available at September 24, Quadrant add-on is not yet known, the Officer edition will be available like the Quadrant, on September 24 and flying clamp on September 24 as well.

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