The recently released Airbus A321 by ToLiss has been today updated to version 1.0.2. This is already the second update released this month. As well as the first update, this one consists of many bug fixes and one new minor feature.

Based on the changelog, the aircraft should no longer crash at T/D or when entering HOLD in the secondary plan as well as fixed flap collision on the right-wing or APU flag being animated now, for example. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below.

The update can be downloaded via the updater located at the aircraft files or will be soon available to be downloaded via the Simmarket of Aerosoft stores.

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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashes at T/D
  • Fixed crashes when entering HOLD in secondary plan
  • Limited Air pack outlet temperature to positive values
  • Retuned approach attitude and speeds.
  • Adapted AP logic for the case of pressing the ALT selector knob when flying along an altitude constraint
  • Changed indications for FROM waypoint on MCDU to correctly show the values when passing the waypoint.
  • Corrected estimated time of overfly of TO waypoint shown in ND
  • Fixed flap track collision on right wing
  • Fixed mapping conflict between speed brakes and sharklets
  • Cabin lights switch off now during TO and LDG
  • APU flap is animated now
  • Fixed misalignment between speeds shown in PERF APPR page and on PFD
  • Path computation improvements for corner cases

New minor features:

  • ISCS TO performance calculator can now be forced to use TOGA thrust.

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