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ToLiss Announces X-Plane 12 Update Fees

Through a set of posts on their Facebook page, ToLiss’ developer GK has detailed the update fees from X-Plane 11 to X-Plane 12. Until today, the information we have known was very brief. The team has previously revealed that the A340 updates will be free of charge and that for the A319/A321 they will not.

ToLiss & X-Plane 12 Update fees

But today, GK has announced that both the A319 and A321 for X-Plane 12 will cost $10.99 if you’ve previously owned them for X-Plane 11. This way, the team wants to equal the price difference between XP10/XP11 and XP11/XP12 versions.

With that, the price of ToLiss A319 and A321 for X-Plane 12 will also increase. The X-Plane 12’s variants of the A319 and A321 will start at $89.99, rather than $79 currently.

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Aside from this news, we also got to know that the A321 NEO expansion will be free of charge for X-Plane 12 if you’ve previously owned it for X-Plane 11. What is different is that it will not come with improvements as other addons from ToLiss will.

For example, both the A319 and A321 for X-Plane 12 will receive completely overhauled engine models. This way, they will accurately represent the real aircraft’s performance. GK wrote: “We are in the process of tuning this model for the 6(!) different engine types on these aircraft. Once that exercise is done, these aircraft will also be XP12 ready, with updates and tweaks coming throughout the XP 12 beta run.“.

A340 v1.1 Update

Alongside the previously mentioned details, the team has also announced the full changelog for the new version of the A340 for X-Plane. The new version v1.1 will offer full X-Plane 12 compatibility, a custom engine model to achieve realistic thrust and fuel flow values, or a number of new ACARS functionalities.

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Further, the team is planning to introduce a number of small quality-of-life details, including openable windows that will affect the air conditioning simulation, temperature-influencing doors, or improved fuselage geometry.

Livery painters will have to rework their liveries with the latest paint kit which will likely come with the new version release.

ToLiss did not disclose any release timeframe details for this update.

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You can purchase the A319, A321 and A340 for X-Plane through the X-Plane.org Store for about the same prices moving around $80.

If you want to learn more about A340 for X-Plane 11 from ToLiss, you can read our release article by clicking here. If you want to learn more about the previous announcement of ToLiss about X-Plane 12, you can do that by clicking here.

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