22.1.2022 – 22:23z

ToLiss Releases Minor Update for the A319

As the title may suggest, the team from ToLiss has recently pushed out a new update for their well-known Airbus A319 rendition for X-Plane 11. While it primarily focuses on bug fixes, it also comes with a few improvements to the addon.

The changelog states, that various cockpit sounds were improved to better represent the real counterpart. The developers have also focused on improving the external lights to achieve better immersion during the nighttime.

Apart from those, the chocks are now visible when set, and wipers now make some impact when it’s raining. The focus was also set to various MCDU pages and minor improvements to achieve more accurate behaviour.

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If you want to update the aircraft, you should do so using the included X-Updater located in the aircraft’s files. The other way is to download the new files from the store where you purchased the addon.

If you want to purchase the addon, you can do so through the X-Plane.org Store for $79, or €70 when converted with the current exchange rate.

Changelog (v1.6.4)

minor new features

  • Added NavAid Deselection capability to MCDU
  • Added visible chocks to facilitate figuring out why the heck the airplane does not move
  • Cockpit sound improvements
  • Added the Option to have NAV mode reengage automatically on Go Around initiation
  • Added CVR Test function

Bug fixes

  • MCDU Prog Page shows flight number again
  • If landing without retarding the thrust levers, firewalling the levers correctly changes A/THR modes
  • Added missing wind field on Data/IRS page
  • Increased ground cart pressure for better engine start performance
  • Librain rain effects: Wipers work again
  • fixed issue that may lead to the Master Warning not always lighting up when it should
  • some external light improvements
  • Inhibited the speed trend indication below 30kts IAS on ground
  • Vertical FD guidance during TO rotation much smoother now
  • Improved fault light logics for hydraulic overhead switches
  • Improved indication of PTU operation to prevent it going on and off repeatedly

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