20.3.2023 – 13:14z

ToLiss Releases New A320 NEO for X-Plane

As promised, ToLiss has today released their new Airbus A320 NEO rendition for X-Plane 12. The announcement of the release was made through the ToLiss Facebook page. It is their first release since October 2021, in which the famous A340 was released.

The A320 NEO is the latest recreation of the famous Airbus A320 series, originally developed by Airbus in 1987. Even though the aeroplane is practically the same, the NEO variant offers bigger, stronger and more efficient engines compared to its predecessor. This A320 variant is popular across the globe and it is not the only NEO plane in the Airbus family, as there is already A330 NEO, A321 NEO or A319 NEO. The plane is more comfortable for passengers, as the cabin is quieter and wider.

As promised in the feature list shared earlier, this A320 NEO add-on comes with two engine types: The PW112G-JM and CFM Leap 1A-26. The aeroplane offers 130 circuit breakers, some of which are interactive and can cut power to systems. There are also over 210 failure modes, and various animations across the whole rendition, both in the external and internal models of the aeroplane.

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It also offers a life-like flight model, autopilot and navigational systems. There is also a custom TCAS, custom hydraulics, as well as an engine model.

The ToLiss A320 NEO is now available via the X-Plane.org store for approximately €84.01. If you would like to learn more about ToLiss and their work, make sure to read our different article here.

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