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ToLiss Reveals A340-600 for XP11 Feature List

X-Plane 11 aircraft developer ToLiss who is responsible for A321 and A319, has published an X-Plane.org store page of A340-600, where they shared the feature list of this upcoming rendition.

The developer promises the most accurate system functionality of A340 in the entire flight sim world using their custom MCDUs, 2 independent autopilots, SIDs and STARs and full custom VNAV with TOC and TOD. The aircraft will also support all approach types as its real counterpart.

ToLiss tried to do their best with 3D modelling. In the aircraft, we will be able to find a detailed 3D cockpit, 4 class passenger cabin with underfloor lavatories and crew rest, custom particle effects, detailed landing gear smoke at touchdown and more.

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Speaking of useability features, there’s autosave implemented, as well as jumping to waypoints during flight, which is helpful mainly if you want to just try the aircraft and skip right to approach. The developer also created 4 different startup configurations, from cold and dark to ready to go. Some more important features can be found in the feature list below.

Detailed FMGS:

  • 3 independent MCDUs providing real-life FMGS programming capability
  • 2 independent autopilots
  • SID/STAR and airways support in a fully custom FMGS backbone supporting all A424 leg types (Arc, course or heading to intercept, Radius to Fix, Holdings, etc.)
  • Full VNAV guidance with TOC, TOD, Deceleration point, speed limits, fuel prediction, etc.
  • Altitude and speed constraints as the real aircraft deals with them
  • Support for Go-Arounds and diversions
  • Nav Aid autotuning
  • Equitime point computation and nearest airports page

Accurate systems:

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  • Hydraulic model for flight control actuators computing hydraulic flow through the actuators, the control surface hinge moment, maximum feasible deflection etc. This gives realistic surface floating angles if a control surface is lost due to combinations of hydraulic and computer faults.
  • Quantitative hydraulic model considering the maximum hydraulic flows of the different pumps as a function of engine speed. This is most noticeable when flying on RAT or with windmilling engines
  • High fidelity fuel system including inflight CG control by pumping fuel to and from the tail tank, fuel jettison, manual and automatic transfers between the different tanks
  • Fault injection system allowing to trigger over 140 system faults either at a specific point in flight or randomly during a flight phase
  • ECAM system with over 30 warnings and over 200 caution messages including associated ECAM actions.

You can view the X-Plane store page if you are interested in seeing more. The developer has as of yet set the price to $340600, which will definitely change during the release in the last quarter of this year. The developer hasn’t yet shared any further information about the aircraft. If you are interested in seeing more in-depth information about the development of it, you can check out our other article.

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