ToLiss updates A321 to v1.0.1

ToLiss has today announced via .org forums an imminent release of the first update for their recently released Airbus A321 rendition for X-Plane 11. Probably the most important part of the update is that the issue when the simulator crashed around T/D has been fixed. The autosave feature has also been fixed to avoid crashes. As usual, the complete changelog can be seen below.

In order to update the aircraft, you can either download the update using X-Updater located at the aircraft file or download new files from the store you purchased the product from.

If you want to read the full post, feel free to do so here.

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Changelog (v1.0.1)

Bug fixes:
– XP10 acf file not showing Xplane model tail anymore
– Roll to NWS can now be used as it should
– Allow brake on one pedal setting is now saved
– Aural alert volume setting and saving via ISCS works correctly now
– Center for Copilot ND in Plan mode is now driven by copilot MCDU, as it should
– Fix main cause for crashes around T/D.
– Secondary flight plan airways now go into the secondary plan
– Added Doors to replay
– Corrected an approach stringing bug, highlighted for KDTW RKCTY2 arrival, via VALLI, ILS-Z 22R
– ILS 22R KDTW now have the G/S. (Nav database issue for which we coded a work-around.)
– Holdings not followed by a discontinuity now use the right entry pattern.
– Improved the situation save algorithm to reduce risk of crashes at autosave.
– Retuned the FLEX temp calculation of the TO performance calculator.

For future updates stay tuned on FSNews 🙂

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