The Airbus A319 is a short-medium range, narrow-body, commercial passenger aircraft operated by several different airlines in mostly every continent. The aircraft can carry up to 160 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,700nm (nautical miles). As it stands, the Tollis A319 is the only payware 319 available on the market and hopefully this review will allow you to make the decision on whether to splash the cash… or not.


The interior of the Tollis A319 is actually quite nice. The default textures that are part of the base install are a little meh but there is a great freeware cockpit texture modification pack available on the org forum (by Totedemac). With the texture pack installed, I feel the colours and textures in the modification are simply beautiful. I estimate that 95% of the buttons and switches in the Tollis A319 are fully functionable which is also very immersive.


In my opinion, the exterior modeling of the Tollis A319 is awesome. I love the modeling of the ‘flaps’ & ‘ailerons’ in the Tollis A319.


To conclude this review, I would highly reccomend the Tollis A319. I personally have over 150 hours in the aircraft and I honestly have never been dissapointed with the product! The performance:quality ratio is perfect! If you have a lower end PC then this is the Airbus for you! 5/5 from me!