18.4.2020 – 19:41z

TorqueSim BN-2 Islander Development Update 2

TorqueSim has today posted via their website a new development update regarding their currently developed BN-2 Islander rendition for X-Plane 11. Last time the development got mentioned was about three weeks ago when the developers have previewed the interior and systems of the aircraft.

Also, back then the first beta version was sent to the testers, and since then, the testers have found a variety of small bugs and only one or two bigger ones. TorqueSim has meanwhile also reworked the fuselage 3D meshes. Based on the post, this was really time-consuming but has improved the overall look of the aircraft.

Apart from bugs getting fixed, there’s a new feature we’d like to show off. The Islander has very prominent and visible external hydraulic lines for the main gear brakes.

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These are a recognisable feature of the aircraft, and one we felt definitely needed to be included. After some internal development, we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to recreate flexible brake lines.

Developers did not only focus on the aircraft look but have also worked on the systems. Based on the post, most of the avionics is coded now and is only waiting for graphics. A lightweight menu has also been implemented through which you can enable/disable anti-icing gear and 3D passengers or feature a load manager for easy configuration of weight and balance.

In addition, the flight model is coming along nicely. Careful tuning of the airfoil using real NACA data allows for dynamic handling at various airspeeds, from near stall to high cruise, and accurate control deflections give realistic pitch and roll rates.

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The plane would not be the same without the characteristic rumble of two O-540’s, and we’re as excited as you to hear her in all her glory!

There is still some work remaining on the aircraft. An FMOD for the aircraft is also nearly completed. TorqueSim is planning to finish the plugin integration, work on bug fixing, fine tuning and the FMOD this week.

Source: TorqueSim website

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