1.3.2020 – 21:06z

TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 3

Almost a month ago, TorqueSim released SR22 Development Update 2, and today, the third development update got released. This “week” TorqueSim introduced us to a new developer member in the team, FMOD sounds and to the current development status.

First thing Cooper LeComp, author of the article, wrote, is that the aircraft 3D model has been successfully integrated into the sim. This is a huge milestone for the team. This also means that the close beta stage will begin soon.

A new member, Marius Bohn, has joined the development team. Based on the post, he has been working over a year now on an IO-550 engine model for the aircraft. TorqueSim is currently in process of integrating custom engine model, custom oxygen system, custom anti-ice system, and more.

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The developers also shared a 7 minute 55 seconds long video showcasing the SR22TN FMOD sounds. The video can be seen below, and I highly recommend you to watch it yourself.

If you want to read the post yourself, feel free to visit the TorqueSim website here. Stay tuned on FSNews for future updates 🙂

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