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TorqueSim Previews SR22 v1.1 Update (XP11)

TorqueSim has today came to their official blog to preview the upcoming major update for their rendition of Cirrus Aircraft SR22 for X-Plane 11. Not only will version 1.1 feature many fixes, but also numerous new major features added to the aircraft.

Developers are now preparing the aircraft update for public beta release to which you can sign up to here. Keep in mind, that you need to own the aircraft in order to sign up to open beta.

Visual icing effects

For the start, the new version of the aircraft will, for example, feature visual icing effects. This means, that you will be able to see icing on your aircraft in certain conditions if the ice protection system is not being used correctly. It is important to note, that the effects will be only visual and should not affect the aircraft flight model. Icing will appear on the wing, inlets, windshield, spinner, and other relevant surfaces.

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Terrain profile indicator

Furthermore, the developers have been working on implementing their own terrain profile indicator system to the customized G1000 in the aircraft. It was mentioned, that this should not affect the performance of the aircraft:

The custom system is entirely multi-threaded to prevent any performance penalty.

TorqueSim Blog

We have integrated a custom terrain profile indicator on the MFD. This will help for situational awareness, especially in mountainous terrain, and help prevent CFIT incidents.

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TorqueSim Blog

Engine improvements

Continuing, TorqueSim has also focused on fixing certain issues with the engine model. So you are aware, the IO-550 engine model featured in the aircraft was developed for over a year and can be considered the most-realistic engine model on the flight simulation scene. Issues with the power fluctuations and engine cutout during taxi has been fixed.

Developer has also explained in the post many situations in which users might feel like the aircraft is not behaving as it should. Those are regarding the engine starting, engine cutout after landing, and power fluctuations in certain conditions.

Source: TorqueSim Blog

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