TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

It has been almost a month since the previous TorqueSim SR22 development update. Last time, on the 1st of March, we got introduced to Marius Bohn who is working over a year now on a custom IO-550 engine model, and today, we got some insight into the custom engine model and what it will offer.

Enhanced or custom engine and failure models are becoming increasingly established in flight simulation, but are usually not able to trace the characteristics, peculiarities and limits of an aviation internal combustion engine back to a well-founded model (..)

TorqueSim SR22 will be the first aircraft equipped with a technology that has been developed for the past two years to bring the most realism to the simulator. The aircraft will simulate the actual flow of air and fuel in each part of the engine in real-time.

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Based on scientific literature, I have succeeded in integrating an approach to simulate an aircraft piston engine in X-Plane, which maps the mass flows of air and fuel in each part of the engine in real time.

We have made no compromises here! Also regarding your framerate, the architecture is heavily multithreaded and has virtually no performance impact on X-Plane.

You will even have the possibility to turn some engine set screws which a mechanic in reality also has to adjust for example maximum fuel flow or manifold pressure target on the turbo-normalized.

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The aircraft will also feature a very realistic failure system.

Since the model simulates the engine down to its smallest components, it offers the optimal conditions for a very fine wear and failure system. Just imagine, on a hot day with warm fuel, to quickly climb up to the flight levels and forget about the boost pump – vapor lock will certainly be waiting for you! 

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